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September 16, 2016

The play’s genius ambiguity is not lost with this production, it’s hard to tell whether Blanche really does need professional help or whether it is the cruelty of Stanley and the patriarchal society that he represents that are pivotal to the hand Blanche is ultimately dealt.

April 8, 2016

Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary year has seen a surge in popularity for King Lear with performances springing up up and down the country. It’s a testament to the Bard that his scripts are still so relevant today and clear to see why Lear is proving first choice for so many. With a rise against corrupt politics and headlines of Scotland’s division from GB and GB from Europe, King Lear’s bemusement and rapid onset of old age reflects how a lot of the country feels about the current state of political affairs.

Michael Buffong’s production, a collaboration between the Royal Exchange and Talawa Theatre Company, brings a predominantly black cast to the Royal Exchange aft...

December 6, 2015

I’m going to go ahead and talk about the venue choice first, as that’s the thing on everyone’s minds. When New Order tickets went live for their two shows on home-turf it sold out in minutes and I think they still would have done even if they were playing in some smelly underground car park... Oh, right.

Except this isn’t just any smelly underground car park it’s Manchester’s finest sub-cultural club venue and original home of infamous Warehouse Project. Why would New Order not be attracted to Store Street? They could have played pretty much any venue in Manchester but the humble offering of dripping walls and seedy plastic hanging curtains made for a real throwbac...

September 11, 2015

Brand New have graced the UK with a fair amount of presence this year, Manchester being particularly lucky as they played at Gorilla back in July, as well as opening their new European tour at the Albert Hall last night. With its church-like stained glass and draughty ceilings this was a great choice for the New York band to fuel us with a set mostly dominated by The Devil and God, which was no bad thing.

We also saw several tracks from Deja Entendu of course, but the surprise opening was Soco Amaretto Lime- something I’ve never seen them do before. It was refreshing and nice to see them really pouring a lot of thought into the flow of the set, frontman Jesse Lacey...

July 1, 2015

The Skriker delves into the creases of the very things that make us up as humans. Those little folds of our lives that very rarely reach the surface are wrenched out and hung up to dry in Caryl Churchill’s 1994 play.

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