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November 22, 2019

Please note this review originally appeared on North West End and can be found here.

The Opera House Manchester was plunged into darkness suddenly at the start of press night for famous horror story The Exorcist. Shrieks of surprise rippled across the audience as cast members walked amongst us in the blackout, and strobe lights left us all blinking and apprehensive into the opening scenes.

Sadly that was about as much suspense as the two hour performance managed to build, as a true horror fan I found myself wanting more thrills. What this production did exceptionally well however, was to highlight the inner conflict in the disturbing tale between the non-possessed m...

August 1, 2019

Entering The Pankhurst Centre on the hottest day of the year for a one night only preview of Clouds had everyone sweltering, much like most of the ladies of 1913 must’ve been in their layers of finery, all except Winifred Baxter.

Freddie Baxter wants to get her pilot license and become the first woman to enter an air race. She even wears trousers. As we sit in a small room at the birthplace of the Suffragette movement, I think we were all willing Freddie on and dreaming of being in the clouds ourselves.

Time and Again Theatre Company have created a brilliant melting pot of the social expectations, gender disparity and even some nephology of pre-war Britain with some...

July 21, 2019

Please note that this review was originally written for North West End and can be found here.

Delving into the mystery and excitement of the city’s underground cult venue Antwerp Mansion was always going to peak my intrigue and last night at Barred for Greater Manchester Fringe I’m so glad it did!

The recently rebranded arts venue is the perfect spot for some deftly delivered immersive theatre, you’re greeted on entry by two bartenders Immy and Cal. They serve you (free!) drinks, chat like any bartender would and you take a seat. Other punters pile in, we’re all chatting and the music is playing until it softens and lights go up on the grungy bar.

Immy and Cal begin...

May 24, 2019

Please note this review was originally written for North West End and can be found here.

The Arden School of Theatre’s third year Theatre and Performance students have finished their degrees and to celebrate they put on the UnTaPped festival this weekend at Impossible Bar in Manchester alongside other students on the course.

The sixth festival of its kind was a great coming together of a whole range of medias set over two days around the trendy bar’s theatre space. UnTaPped showed absolute promise for the next wave of professionals entering the entertainment industry.

Throughout the day you are free to move around the space and visit stations hosting radio plays, sou...

May 2, 2019

Please note this was originally written for North West End and can be found here.

The highly anticipated all female cast and women-lead production of Hamlet opened last night at Manchester’s hidden gem Hope Mill Theatre.

Eve Shotton played the sanest Hamlet I’ve seen, still emoting every lyrical word and yet at no point did it feel like she descended into mania, this relatability helped us to be on Hamlet’s side, and for the whole story to be more naturalistic. In these turbulent times of frequent political scandal and corruption it’s a good choice for Girl Gang Manchester and Unseemly Women to choose Hamlet as their second all female Shakespeare production, after t...