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Brand New Rock Albert Hall, Manchester

Brand New have graced the UK with a fair amount of presence this year, Manchester being particularly lucky as they played at Gorilla back in July, as well as opening their new European tour at the Albert Hall last night. With its church-like stained glass and draughty ceilings this was a great choice for the New York band to fuel us with a set mostly dominated by The Devil and God, which was no bad thing.

We also saw several tracks from Deja Entendu of course, but the surprise opening was Soco Amaretto Lime- something I’ve never seen them do before. It was refreshing and nice to see them really pouring a lot of thought into the flow of the set, frontman Jesse Lacey opened by himself, the lull of ‘We’re gonna stay eighteen forever, so we can stay like this forever…’ a great nod to his nostalgia for the bands prime. Jesse even said at one point ‘I’m a 37 year old man, what am I doing here’. The audience too I think feeling some of that, the fan base staying fiercely devoted to the throwback of a post-hardcore scene.

Something else Lacey let on to was a recognition that there hasn’t been anything substantial from the band since Daisy came out in 2009. He mumbled that there would be a new album soon, but when the crowd knew better than to scream the place down (turns out there are negatives to having that loyal fanbase) he added, ‘You can hear it, if you can still hear by the time it comes out…’ That self-deprecation that makes them so annoyingly loveable seeping off of him in waves.

We have had a couple of hints that there is a new album though, so of course we live in hope. ‘Mene’ and ‘Sealed To Me’ were released as first studio recordings back in April and whilst being interviewed for Primavera 2015 in Barcelona Lacey did say he hoped it would come out this year. So do we Jesse, so do we. All will be forgiven of course when the record does come out, because track records show that they will have taken their music in a whole new direction, whilst somehow keeping it so very Brand New, and poured their hearts and souls into it, which is what makes being a die-hard Brand New fan so, so worth it.

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