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Daughter at Albert Hall, Manchester

I saw Daughter a few years ago at Liverpool Cathedral and it was breathtakingly beautiful; I mean, it was genuinely one of the most moving experiences, and certainly the most moving gig I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to a lot. The venue and sounds just married perfectly and it became an almost spiritual experience. Which I suppose is why they chose to play there.

But this is not about Liverpool, this is about one of my favourite venues in the world, the Albert Hall, Manchester. Because of the first time I’d seen them, I’ll admit, I was nervous. I love Daughter, I love the Albert Hall, but I just couldn’t envisage how they could possibly recreate that sound from years ago.

Of course, they did.

I was fortunate enough to meet Elena, Igor and Remy hours earlier at a signing of their new album Not To Disappear in Piccadilly Records, Oldham Street. They were more than happy to chatter to everyone; Elena in particular seemed shocked that anyone had even turned up. This shyness she somehow carried onto the stage with her later that night. Between songs she spoke so softly it was difficult to catch a lot of what she was saying, except that she was so thankful to be on tour again and gushing thanks to us for making it happen. It was very refreshing to see an artist who is almost surprised at her own great talent. Igor and Remy too demonstrated great skill, Igor teased some of the softer elements of the music into stronger, fully developed sounds and rhythms with guitar harmonics and synth at some points.

With only two full albums behind them, the band played most of the songs they have. Unexpectedly though, they played their most well known track Youth second to last, and to my sheer delight saved the final track from the new album ‘Made of Stone’ for the encore. As unexpected as it was, it was perfect, Igor joked that they would play us all to sleep but it did become dream-like.

‘I think I'm made of stone I think we are all, built out of memories, built out of seams Structures of whispers pass through our veins Laid out on screens, show our tiny heads You'll find love, kid, it exists.’

Elena’s voice is so ethereal and the accompaniment made for a very raw and overwhelmingly delicate show. She mentioned that the venue could be haunted and that she spent some time knocking on the walls backstage, she didn’t appear to realise that her voice was making everyone’s hairs on the back of their necks stand up herself. It was a shame that some of the crowd didn’t seem to appreciate that the quieter moments in Daughter’s songs are some of the most poignant, they lend to the more built up peaks in the evening, and are completely necessary, they are not there to be shouted through- no one here paid the (very reasonable) £17.50 to listen to you heckling.

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