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Arcade Fire at Tanzbrunnen, Cologne

Arcade Fire, Live at Tanzbrunnen, Cologne

Ahead of their upcoming gig with MIF this Thursday at Castlefield Bowl, I travelled to Cologne, Germany at the start of Arcade Fire's Everything Now tour to see what these eccentric and vibrant performers have in store for Manchester.

Tanzbrunnen was a great gig venue, weirdly similar to Manchester with it's cobbles and rain shelter-like structures in middle of the bustling city. The outdoor venue choice was popular for this tour, and I always think it adds so much to a gig - all those festival summer vibes chill an audience out, or maybe there was just more room. Arcade Fire themselves are such an amazing festival band, with their upbeat, politically-fuelled, independant sound.

Arcade Fire have always accepted that pop-culture and politics are interwoven, and with strife across the globe right now Wyn Butler couldn't help but make a statement about the current unease, 'I wish my country had a little more grace right now'. The band performed beneath giant screens of flames and sirens and most poignantly, support at the show came from Bomba Estérero from Columbia, the support for South America was clearly an intentional message of support.

The band swapped a multitude of instruments with ease, and brand new tracks Creature Comfort, Everything Now and Signs of Life were greatly received by the 8000 strong crowd. The rest of the set list was a romp through what has become a steadfast 'Greatest Hits' back catalogue, ending as Arcade Fire so often do with their iconic 'Wake Up' anthem, leaving fans weaving their way home all singing along with each other.

Track List: Everything Now, Rebellion, Haiti, Here Comes The Night Time, No Cars Go, Windowsill, Neon Bible, Suburbs, Ready To Start, Reflektor, Afterlife, Signs of Life, Creature Comfort, Neighbourhood, Sprawl II, Wake Up

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